Love Is About Mutual Growth And Acceptance, Not About Changing Your Partner

By: Anuradha

We see that there are so many people who are too quick to begin a relationship. They get attracted to the way that other person speaks or for the way that he/she looks and they think that they are in love and that is the beginning of their relationship. But with time, both of them realize that it was not a love at first sight but just an attraction and that is the place where you try to change him/her to suit your wishes and desires. When you begin to see errors in the other person and change him/her, your relationship will no longer be about loving each other but about finding faults in each other.

But, whenever two human beings start to develop pure and genuine feelings for each other despite their faults and without expecting anything in return, something wonderful happens.

They fall in love with who they really are.

There will be no any conditions, no expectations or no adjustments.

There’s only acceptance and respect.

Your partner will understand who you are and love you for the real person within you. your relationship will not be a burden but a blessing and with time even without your knowledge, you will help each other to turn in to the best version of yourselves.

Do you know why?

That is because true love is more powerful than everything else in the world.

True love only sees the strengths and not flaws in you. True love doesn’t see obstacles but challenges and true love only see compromises between both of you.

When everyone else points fingers at each other, true love will only see potentials and you will never be restricted by your partner to pursue your dreams. They always find comfort in each other and no matter how things go bad, they will always find something to be happy about in each other’s company.

People always try to idealize their partners and they become desperate when they find someone who is not up to the limits that he/she dreamt about. They will try to change that person so as to suit the image that they have in head and then, your relationship will only be a pressure for both of you.

You should know that it doesn’t work like that.

If you feel a great need to change the person with whom you are having a relationship, then the truth is that you are not in love with that person but you are mistaken about your feelings. You might have fallen for that one for some reason but that reason cannot be ‘love’ because when you are truly in love you will not feel a need to change that person. You will love him/her for who they really are and not for whom those people should be according to your criteria.

Love is about mutual acceptance.

True love is all about unconditional trust. You will not judge your partner but love him/her and both of you will be cherished and inspired by your bond. You will believe in that person and will always support him/her to reach out to their goals.

You will sacrifice your selfish wants for the benefit of the person you love and you will never regret it. You will accept the differences between both of you and compromise whenever things go bad.

It will never be about changing the other person but the exact opposite.

You will experience it when you truly fall in love and then it will no longer be about change but about acceptance!