22 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends To Know!

By: Anuradha

It is not easy to have a relationship with a person who is having anxiety. They are having constant mood shifts and you will experience some stressful, confusing or annoying situations in the relationship. They will try to let out their anxiety in different ways and therefore, it is always better for you to have a proper idea about these people.

In fact, there are actually 22 things that you need to know:

1. Whatever is causing their anxiety might seem irrational to you, but it is very real to them.

2. Anxiety can happen at any moment and what they need at such moments is only your support.

3. They don’t want to blow you off intentionally. Sometimes, talking over the phone can even be difficult but that is not because they don’t like you. They just can’t do what they want when they are in this state.

4. Anxiety can come in various forms. It might not be a panic attack all the times. Sometimes they will let out their anxiety through anger and you should always try to be patient with them.

5. Don’t take it personally when they show their anger frustration. It is not about you.

6. Sometimes, even when things go quite well, these people might dread of impending disasters but that is because they are anxious about everything.

7. They might be quite sometimes but that is not because they are angry or sad. There can be a lot of things going inside their head and therefore, it might be hard for them to keep up with everything happening around them.

8. Anxiety cannot explain all the time. Sometimes even they might not know why they are feeling anxious.

9. They feel really sorry and guilty for all he declined invites, irrational behavior and hurtful things they said when they were feeling overwhelmed or scared.

10. They might say that they like to be isolated but never give up on them. They need to know whether you care and when you do, it means a lot to them.

11. Anxiety makes them examine everything all the time which can be exhausting.

12. They don’t want you to fix things when everything goes bad. Instead, they only want you to love them in all their ups and downs.

13. You might not always notice when they undergo anxiety. Sometimes, you will never know their condition until they tell you.

14. If they are uncomfortable about something, then drop it. They don’t like to be forced and it will only make things worse.

15. These people are not good in social interactions and therefore, they might decline your invitations for meetups. But that is not because they are lazy or unfriendly. They will always be there for you when you really need them.

16. The last thing they need to hear is “Just get over it” or “you are being silly”.

17. Always invite them to join you in outings and other amusing things. Anxiety will not be there with them all the time and sometimes, their true spirit might even surprise you!

18. When they say that they have reached their limits and can’t take anymore, respect for what they say and give them some space.

19. When they say that they can’t do something, they feel more disappointed than you.

20. Anxiety can’t be shaken off by “doing something funny”. They are not mad or upset and they only need to re-center and relax.

21. When they talk to you. They are too much concerned about everything that you say and they might take various interpretations over one word and carry that thought for years to come.

22. They are not their anxiety. They are also unique individuals who like to be loved and to be appreciated.