One Day A Guy Who Knows How To Love You For Who You Are Will Walk Into Your Life

By. Anuradha

One day, it will finally happen. Everything you have ever dreamt of will come true and you will be the happiest person alive.

The pain, the suffering and the disappointments that you have gone through will fade away and your life will shine with a new ray of sunshine. You will finally get the love that you deserve in life and you will get someone who will love you in a way that you have never been loved.

One day you will meet a man who will love you for your true self. He will listen to all the sufferings that you have been through and will offer his warm cuddles to reassure you that you are safe in better arms now. He will not only love you but will also cherish you and will commit to your love with every part of his soul.

You will no longer cry until you sleep and he will be there to make sure that you sleep tight. All those toxic thoughts that suffocate you will no longer harass you and your life will finally be filled with light and love.  Thoughts about upcoming days will no longer tire you out but you will wait impatiently for the future as you are now filled with hopes and happiness. You will wake up with a smile and make breakfast for two and your days will be filled with joy and love.

There will no longer be sad memories, bad people and wrong connections in your life. Your past will be just a fading memory and all your present happiness will keep you alive and thriving. He will be the answer to all your prayers. You will clarify all your doubts about true love and you will know why it never worked with anyone else. So, don’t give up hope. One day, he will come into your life for sure and you will be the happiest alive for sure! From that moment onwards, your life will take a different turn and his love will not only heal your soul but will also give you the strength to face any challenge that you come across in life!