A Healthy Relationship Is Where Two Independent People Make A Deal To Help Each Other

By. Ran

Every relationship is different; there is no doubt about that. And there is no universal health test that can measure how healthy your relationship is. But there may be some questions that you can ask yourself. And we have prepared a series of questions that may provide you with a good starting point.

So go on, ask yourself these questions and get an insight about your own relationship and how healthy it is!

#1. Do you feel like you can be yourself around this person?

In a healthy relationship, you should be able to be yourself. There should be no need for either of you to feel like you have to put on a different character. You should be able to be comfortable in your skin, with no masks on.

#2. Are you excited for a future shared with this person?

If the mere idea of being together with this person for a decade makes you feel exhausted, then it is a clear sign that you are not in a healthy relationship.

#3. Do you feel as if you can tell this person anything?

Your partner should be willing to listen to what you say, no matter how trivial they are, no matter how messed up they are. If you cannot share what is bothering you deep inside, then there is no point in staying in this kind of a relationship.

#4. Do you have a feeling that this person may be cheating on you right now or may do so in the future?

Trust is key. You should be able to trust your partner at any cost. You should be sure that they have the courage to say that they are unhappy in this relationship rather than running off to enter another relationship behind your back.

#5. Do you feel as though you can sort out any disagreements with this person in a sensible, dignified manner?

No matter how perfect a couple is, they are bound to have arguments from time to time. All you have to do is make sure that you settle things in a civilized and dignified manner. If you are shouting at each other during arguments, it is a red flag right there.

#6. Does this person support your career, your hobbies?

A healthy partner encourages you to have a life outside the relationship. They support you with everything. And in return, they expect the same courtesy.

#7. Do you share the same basic values and goals? If not, are you happy to compromise?

A couple should be compatible in terms of the core values they believe in.  For example, what you want in life at the end of the day should be the same thing wanted by your partner. And if you think you are okay with compromising, you have to understand what you are doing. It is a beautiful thing when couples compromise for each other, but you should be realistic and think it through.

#8. Has your life improved since you met this person?

This is the most important of all. If you feel like you are not as happy as you used to be, or as if this relationship gives you more negativity than positivity, then it may be high time that you rethink stuff.