Instead Of Taking Life For Granted, Be Grateful For The Things You Have

By. Ran

“I count my blessings every day, quite honestly, because I take nothing for granted.” – Mario Andretti

Often, we don’t realize how short our life is. Look around and you will notice people going through their day without thinking about how fortunate they are to be alive. You will notice people going at each other’s necks over the most trivial things. You will notice people holding grudges. How beautiful our life becomes once you let go of that anger inside you.

There is anger, hatred, suffering, and regret everywhere. This is how we live our lives.

We take so much of our lives for granted, that we don’t think how lucky we are to be here and now.

We wake up every morning without thinking about how lucky we are to be alive. We get up from the bed with no thought about how fortunate we are to have legs that function properly. We enjoy our morning coffee without pausing to appreciate little things in life like coffee.

We are so used to having all these things in our lives that we no longer see them as something special. Everything we have we take for granted.

We only think about how grateful we should be only when we lose someone or something.

And then we constantly complain that our lives are miserable and depressing.      

You need to stop taking things for granted and truly appreciate what you have. Then only you will be happy.

So you must…

#1. Remind yourself that everything is finite.

Everything is life is temporary. Your job, your house, your relationships. All these are temporary and one day they will come to an end. They will be taken away from you. And you don’t have as much time with your loved ones as you think. So you should spend more time with them rather than stressing over how much work you have to do and keeping yourself locked up in your office.

#2. Appreciate all things, big and small.

Nobody owes you a thing. People don’t have to love and respect you just because you do them. So those who love you do so purely because they feel that way.  People sacrifice things for you because they genuinely care. Appreciate these people before it is too late.

#3. Express your emotions.

Be true to yourself. Don’t let people fool you into believing that being vocal about how you feel and being vulnerable are signs of weakness. They are not. Your feelings are not supposed to stay hidden inside. So go ahead. Tell them how you feel. Tell your parents that you love them and that you care about them. It is not the big things in life that make us happy most of the time, it is the small things.

#4. Enjoy every moment.

Notice how pretty everything is. Look around you and feel how warm it feels when the sun is rising. How nice it is to hear the birds chirping. Live in the moment. Experience the moment. Don’t take this day and this moment for granted. Live it, feel it and be grateful for it.