Sometimes I Just Needs To Hear How Much I Mean To Someone

By. Anuradha

There is nothing better in life than loving someone and being loved by that person. When we are in love, we tend to do a lot of things to make that person happy. You will buy gifts, make delicious meals, take that one on a tour but do you know the best thing above all is expressing your love? Yeah, even though we do not think much about this, sometimes telling someone how much that person means to you is worth than any other material things. Hearing your loved one telling “I love you” or “You are the best part of my life” can make that person feel special and that is why you need to make it a habit to remind your loved one how important he/she is.

“well-chosen words mixed measured emotions is the basis of affecting people”

And these words contain a deep truth. A relationship where partners hide their emotions and where there is no romance is going to be dull and boring. The affection and the feelings partners are having for each other would also die after some time and it can even end up in a critical situation. 

Words of love are truly energizing and it has a positive effect on your bond. It strengthens your relationship and once you feel that you are being admired and appreciated by your loved one, you will also try to mirror the words by your actions and even without your knowledge, your relationship will be in a far-matured state.

Further, apart from partners you also need to do this with your kids. Kids are constantly looking for appreciations and one good word you utter can boost their self-esteem in a significant way. Most importantly, when you raise a kid who knows that appreciation and admiration matters, that kid will grow up in to be someone who knows the value of emotions.

Moreover, we are living in an age where people express everything through social media. We tend to send texts rather than calling someone and hearing their voice. So, try to deviate from this digitalization for a while and deal with the tangible reality.

You will see how beautiful your life can become when you get into the habit of expressing your love.