Meet China, The Kleptomaniac Cat Who Brings Gifts To Her Owners

China, the cat has gotten on the bad side of her neighbors because she is a naughty little thief. This mischievous cat wanders around her neighborhood and steals anything that she can put her tiny paws on. China has so far managed to steal things such as socks, aluminum wire, and even lighters. You can never leave anything lying around when this cat is in the neighborhood.

Monica is China’s owner and she adopted the cat back in 2013 when her friend discovered 3 kittens in her yard and needed someone to foster them. China was the only female in the runt. Monica already owned a male cat named Waffles and even he seemed to like China, so Monica officially decided to keep her.

She began to steal when she was around 2-3 years old. At first, it was socks belonging to Monica’s housemate and then she moved on to stealing dog poop bags. “She has such a strong personality and when she wants something, she’ll do just about anything to get it,” Monica conveyed. Monica has to conduct a safety check every time just to ensure things are safe from China’s grasp.

One day as Monica was leaving for work, she came across a pack of cigarettes near the entrance to her house. Later she discovered a box of matches. The human assumed that these belonged to her housemate, but soon realized that China was stealing from her neighbors. China even managed to steal darts and scissors.

China’s stealing increased during the pandemic lockdown and she would steal 3-4 things a day. She would come to Monica’s door and call for her human with something in her mouth. Monica then decided to install a camera near her entrance hoping to capture footage of China bringing in her stolen goods. She even shared these videos with her friends who thought this was hilarious.

Monica then decided to share these videos on Instagram on her account songsofmyfelines. Even though the human was concerned about her neighbor’s reaction to these thefts her neighbor loved the videos and was glad that it wasn’t a raccoon that was stealing from them. Monica makes sure to return all the stolen goods to their rightful owners. Have a look at the footage of this kleptomaniac cat in action and let us know what you think.

China Caught On Camera lol

Image Credit & More Info; songsofmyfelines/Instagram | tiktok