Bear Cub Wanders Into A Village And This Man Decides To Save Her

Recently, an uninvited guest decided to pay a visit to a village located in the Borisovsky region, Belarus. This special visitor was none other than a bear cub who appeared to be suffering from starvation. The creature had come in search of food and luckily for the cub a farmer decided to help it and now the farmer has his own pet bear.

Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky owns a farm in the Borisovsky region and he is the kindhearted individual who decided to help the famished bear cub. The creature was too young to be taken into a zoo and also too young to fend for itself in the wild. Luckily, Nikolay welcomed the cub with open arms and provided it with a home.

Apparently, brown bears are rare to come by in Belarus and are a species listed in the Red Book. This is why Nikolay got in touch with the authorities regarding this encounter. The only two options that Nikolay was given was to return the animal to the wild or put it to sleep. Nikolay could not bear to go for either option, so he decided to raise the cub.

Even though huntsmen combed the forest searching for the cub’s mother, their efforts were of no avail. A committee consisting of competent specialists then issued a passport for the bear cub which was given the name Vasilisa. Vasilisa became a legal occupant of the farm. After finally receiving the proper care and love that the cub deserved Vasilisa is now leading a healthy life. The bear cub is playful in nature and is adapting to the new surroundings.

Nikolay’s plan is to build a huge enclosure for the bear cub and it includes an observation area. Since Nikolay’s farm specializes in fish farming and consists of a network of ponds, this individual has planned to launch touristic services and believes that Vasilisa could be a tourist attraction. If you ever visit Belarus, do not forget to pay them a visit.

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