“Gertrude” The Duck That Is Famous For Her Hair

Holly Mead is an individual from Pennsylvania and she has many pet ducks. Mead and her family members are very fond of these creatures. Among all the ducks that she owns, one duck stands out from the rest due to her unique appearance. Gertrude, the duck has gorgeous hair that is sure to make anyone jealous.

Her crest of white feathers will surely remind you of a few significant figures such as Albert Einstein and Queen Elizabeth. This duck is a crested Peking duck. Gertrude is popular to an extent where she has even been featured in magazines and advertisements. This duck leads a privileged life indoors wearing diapers. She also plays the role of an emotional support animal and often visits nursing homes.

#1. Adorable is my middle name.

#2. Got my hair done at the salon today.

#3. Teacher Gertrude ready to educate her students.

#4. Rocking my new hat like.

#5. Guess who the new cupid is.

#6. He seems like the one.

#7. Envious of my luscious hair?

#8. Forehead kisses are the most intimate form of affection.

#9. Daily walks are mandatory.

#10. Cause I’m a natural poser.

#11. Good hair days be like.

#12. Just a duck taking ballet lessons.

#13. Someone went on an excavating mission.

#14. Can I feel your hair with my beak?

#15. Getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

#16. Day out with my best buds.

#17. Pictures with my human are my favorite.

#18. Hair goals be like.

#19. All dressed up to go on a date.

#20. I love my hooman very much.

#21. Who could say “No” to cuddles?

#22. Reminds me of Einstein’s hair.

#23. Getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

#24. Game face on.

#25. I’m right where I belong.

#26. Was definitely not in a mood to pose for a picture.

#27. Now who wouldn’t want to feel those softs tufts of hair.

#28. Feeling the wind against my hair.

#29. Getting showered in love.

#30. Keeping my beak warm.

Image Credit & More Info; Pip My Pet Duck And Friends | Gertrude | Facebook