This Fluffy Poodle Has Human-Like Expressions

Kokoro is an adorable fluffy dog who is now an internet sensation thanks to Twitter. His owner shared some images of the doggo on Twitter and he became popular overnight. Many internet users expressed that the doggo had a very human-like face. Some even conveyed that Kokoro’s face was similar to that of Bob Ross. Social media users went to the extent of making memes using Kokoro.

This cutie from Japan resembles a stuffed toy due to his fluffy coat. He is an Instagram sensation with over 150K followers. Twitter user Hisoka shared images of Kokoro and they received more than 128K likes and 29.9K retweets. Since the dog’s expressions are similar to that of a human his expressions are ideal for creating hilarious memes.

Kokoro can be identified as a toy poodle and these dogs are well known for their fluffy fur. Their small size adds to their adorable nature. Even though toy poodles are active and intelligent it is no easy task caring for them as they require a lot of grooming. Scroll below to enjoy some snaps of this cute little ball of fur.

When this has not been your day, month or even year.

Wouldn’t mind coming home to this.

A face cute enough to melt your heart.

Care to shower me with cuddles human?

It is no simple task to maintain my adorable appearance.

Biscuits are my favorite treat. Put a tray of biscuits in front of me and see how they disappear in a second.

Just me looking stunning against that yellow background.

A real-life ball of fluff for sure.

Rocking the tongue-out pose.

Pretending to not hear my human when he calls me.

So many fluffy objects in one frame.

Do not disturb me human, I’m out on a date!

Life got me thinking like.

Image Credit & More Info; kokoro_official | kokorochandesu | twitter