Guy Takes His Cat Everywhere And They Go On All Kinds Of Adventures Together

If you are a pet owner, then you know how much animals love to travel. Cathode, the cat, is also fond of traveling and joins her owner on his adventures. Remy Vicarini adopted Cathode from a shelter six years back. Now she is living her life to the fullest by going biking, skydiving, and mountain climbing.

This cat is having more fun than any of us out here. Even though Remy takes Cathode on all these excursions, he also ensures that his cat is safe during these travels. He never forces the feline to do anything that she does not want to. Scroll below to catch a glimpse of their adventures together.

#01. Decided to join a biker gang.

#02. To those who have not seen a cat in a helmet.

#03. Having a staring contest with a rooster.

#04. Found the perfect way to travel to places with my human.

#05. Guess who the cat in the tattoo is.

#06. Proof that cold weather is ideal for sleeping.

#07. Giving off nerd vibes for sure.

#08. To travel is to live.

#09. Don’t you dare blow that human!

#10. Where the water meets the mountains.

#11. Couldn’t take my eyes off of this picturesque view.

#12. Meet Cathode, the traveling cat.

#13. You better make sure that I don’t fall down.

#14. What is that magical thing that I see?

#15. I refuse to look at the camera human. Stop forcing me into posing for pictures.

#16. Fascinated by this white substance they call “snow”.

#17. Getting drenched in water is not a pretty sight.

#18. Traveling is in my blood.

#19. A few seconds before I devour my food.

#20. Posing like I own the bike.

#21. Wondering whether my human would cut my whiskers too.

#22. Tis a great day for an adventure.

#23. Cycle rides with my favorite human.

#24. I ain’t afraid of anything and you can see it in my face.

#25. Take a turn right here hooman.

#26. I live for days like this.

#27. He is really ready for the adventure.

#28. Decided to do a little bit of modeling.

#29. Well, I anyway got eight lives left.

#30. Got my own space to chill out during our travels.

Image Credit & More Info; Cathode & Remy/Instagram | Youtube