Baby Squirrel Chose This Man Instead Of Wilderness After Being Rejected By Her Mother

The connection that humans share with animals is one of the most beautiful forms of love that exists in this world. Friendships that transpire between animals and humans prove to us that animals too are capable of loving unconditionally. The friendship that we bring to you today is one that is sure to warm your heart.

It was in 2019 that a 7-week-old baby squirrel fell into a bird’s nest from her den. The two birds were unhappy in the presence of this tiny intruder and began to attack the baby squirrel because they felt threatened. Fortunately for the ball of fur, a human named Paul witnessed this sight as he was driving by the scene.

Paul then carried the baby squirrel back to her den with the intention of returning the creature to where it rightfully belonged. However, the momma squirrel did not appear to want her baby back. This was when Paul decided to take the baby squirrel home and care for her. He planned on returning the animal back to her natural habitat once she recovered.

“When I took Stella to my place, I took her for only a night. Then when her mother still didn’t want her on the second day, my plan was to help her get old enough to release her into the wild,” explained the human.

Paul named the baby squirrel Stella and in the beginning, the creature was afraid of Paul. She would make loud sounds to scare the human away. Yet, after some time passed by, the human and squirrel were inseparable.

Even though Paul attempted to release Stella back into the wild on numerous occasions the squirrel was not ready to leave her beloved human and kept returning. Whenever Paul allows her to climb trees, she would spend time running around and playing on the boughs, but would always come back to Paul.

Though Stella’s own mother did not want her back, she is very important to Paul. “Stella is very important to me. We need to be there for one another. Even animals!” he conveyed. This ball of fluff is very happy in her new home and Paul and his family love her from the bottom of their hearts.

We are best friends.

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Stella on the Radio. On the radio. Oh oh oh on the Radio!

Stella’s big tree adventure! She loves it!