A Meerkat And A Cat Became Best Friends On Day One

Meerkats are recognized as wild animals that can be found in the Kalahari desert, Namibian desert, and other regions in Africa. This is why it’s hard to come across a meerkat in the northern hemisphere. However, that is exactly what makes Surya the meerkat unique. She lives with Ekaterina Kuraeva in St. Petersburg, which is a place with cold weather conditions.

Ekaterina adopted this meerkat from the Moscow Zoo because she did not want the poor creature to end up an office toy. Meerkats can be identified as social animals since they prefer to live in clans and mobs. One might assume that Surya would be bored to her wits because she is separated from the rest of her kind. However, it is the exact opposite of how she actually feels.

Surya has a cat best friend named Nice to keep her entertained and the two buddies are inseparable. They have been best buddies since the very first day that they met each other. At the time Nice was merely two-years-old while Surya was just a babe.

Their Instagram page meerkat_suren, is proof of the strong bond that the two share. Surya needs a lot of attention and affection and gets jealous when Ekaterina gives too much attention to Nice. She then jumps and tries to claw the human in order to get Nice away. The cat’s personality stands in stark contrast to that of the meerkat because he is calm and discrete.

The two friends cuddle each other, play together, and nap side by side. The images and videos of the meerkat and cat bonding with each other are the very definitions of the word “adorable”. Their Instagram account has over 40K followers from around the globe.

“It is fortunate that they have become friends and are so affectionate to each other,” Ekaterina commented on this one-of-a-kind friendship that Surya and Nice share. Follow them on Instagram to join them in their adventures.

Image Credit & More Info; meerkat_suren/Instagram