Dogs Siblings Recognize Each Other When They Meet On The Street

As humans, we all know what it is like to bump into someone you know whenever you head over to the town. You would be glad to hear that this does not just happen to humans, but animals as well. They too encounter other animals that they share a special connection with and this happens while they are out enjoying a nice walk. In this case, it was a reunion of two siblings who were separated after birth.

These two cockapoo dogs from the United Kingdom were enjoying an evening walk when their paths accidentally crossed each other. Twitter user @libpincher shared images of the heartwarming reunion and it is undoubtedly a sight for sore eyes. The two siblings were overjoyed and did not forget to hug each other in the middle of the path. The images managed to gain more than 800K likes.

Susan Killip was taking her dog Rosie out for a walk with her husband Lee when they bumped into David who was on a walk with his one-year-old cockapo, Monty. After the two parties encountered each other and the dogs noticed one another, the two animals jumped up and embraced. After observing that the two dogs looked alike, the owners then began to converse about this chance meeting and realized that Rosie and Monty belonged to the same litter. However, they were adopted by different families and therefore had to be separated.

Even though ten months had passed by after they had been separated the images made it evident that the dogs still remembered each other very well. Apparently, the two dogs were inseparable when they were pups. Rosie and Monty belonged to a litter consisting of 6 puppies and they were born in Bishop Middleham on the 30th of June, 2019. Their mother was a cockapoo named Millie.

When inquired as to whether the two dogs would be meeting each other again, Susan replied positively saying, “When we are allowed to go out and meet people again, we are going to meet up and as it’s nearly Rosie and Monty’s 1st birthday, hopefully we can do something to celebrate it together.” We too hope that the two siblings get to spend more time together and that their days will be filled with play dates.

Image Credit & More Info; Libby Pincher | Susan Killip