Guy Shares Hilarious Pic Of His “Missing” Cat That He Couldn’t Find Anywhere

Many people are suffering due to low spirits caused by the economic crisis as well as brewing wars among countries. Even work environments are pretty stressful and people are barely hanging in there. The cat in our story today demonstrates the importance of hanging on to our dear lives and this is exactly what we need to see to lift our spirits up.

Rick1771 is a Reddit user who shared some entertaining images of his cat Biter, whom he assumed had disappeared. However, the human soon observed the missing cat hanging on a tree as if she was doing pull-ups on it. The image went viral instantly and was able to collect 115k upvotes. This incident took place during the quarantine period in 2020.

While most pets were thrilled about their humans being home and spending more time with them, this cat appeared to be fed up of spending time inside the house cooped up with her owner. Biter instead decided to climb up a tree with the hope of getting some alone time. However, from the looks of it, things did not go according to plan. It ended with the cat hanging on to a branch in a rather dramatic manner.

“She fell(very elegantly) right after this, but don’t worry- she’s completely fine!” her owner conveyed. Fortunately, the cat did not receive any injuries, thus proving that cats do indeed have nine lives. Biter does not appear to be thrilled by the fact of returning home, but we are nevertheless glad that she is safe and sound.

Many Redditors shared their thoughts on this incident and some of the hilarious comments include, “So it didn’t turn out as a cat/astrophe” and “Day 7 of quarantine- Cat: I can’t take it anymore, the humans won’t leave my house. So I’ll leave.”

Image Credit & More Info; Rick1771