Pics Of Adorable Munchkin Kitten That Sleeps Like A Human

Cats are well known for their monarch-like attitude as well as their adorable nature. It is no secret that these creatures are taking over the internet. Whenever you are in low spirits, looking at cute images or funny videos of cats is sure to put you in a good mood. This sort of content consists of cats getting scared of random objects such as cucumbers or even the mere act of them sleeping adorably.

Someone is dreaming of tuna.

So this is what people mean when they say, “sleeping like an angel”.

When speaking of sleeping, cats have a tendency to sleep in weird positions. Some might sleep on the side, while others sleep curled up. But have you heard of a cat that sleeps in a human-like position, flat on its back with its legs straight? Chata is an orange and white calico munchkin cat who sleeps exactly this way and this human-like sleeping position has managed to garner so much attention. This cat is clearly on his way to fame.

That one person who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

Not even an earthquake is going to wake me up.

Chata lives in Japan with his human owner and is just two-and-a-half-months old. People fell in love with this kitten after seeing images of him sleeping with his tiny belly exposed and pink paws on the sides. The angelic smile on his face is a testament to the fact that this kitty is having some nice dreams, maybe dreaming of a warm bowl of milk and some succulent tuna fish.

A physical manifestation of the word “cute”.

Older sisters are a blessing.

One can only assume that the look on Chata’s face does not make anyone feel like waking him up. This cat recently joined Instagram and has over 41K followers. Follow @chavata2023 for more images and if you are the proud owner of a cat who sleeps in a weird position, feel free to share those images with us.

My heart can’t handle all this cuteness.

Practicing for a staring contest with my human.

Image Credit & More Info; chavata2023