Man Filmed a Tree In The Woods For a Year and Captured Things Most People Will Never See

By: Anuradha  

Nature is such a miraculous thing. You will be spell-bounded with its mysteriousness and beauty if you really give it a thought. There are so many beautiful things staking place without our notice and you will never be able to see the real beauty of nature just by visiting a forest or any other place for a few hours. If you need to know the secrets and the true beauty of the nature you should live there and be a part of it.

Maybe you might wonder how you can give up all your worldly duties and live in a forest to see its beauty. Yeah, we know that it sounds odd. But, if you can spend at least a single day away from your busy schedule and give yourself a retreat in a silent place like that, you will know how beautiful life can be!

When you walk in a forest with the intention of seeing animals, you will hardly be able to see them because they tend to stay away from human sight. So, what you have to do is hide in somewhere for hours and animals might step on your way without knowing your presence but that can be tiresome and dangerous as well. The man who took this video seems to have a good idea about this rule!

The video above is taken from the Ebaum’s world in which one man set up a camera positioned facing a single tree and left it for a whole year. He was so passionate about it so that he watched the whole video of a year and then edited it for two minutes!

So now, you will be able to see the changes that took place in the forest in different seasons and true behavioral patterns of wild animals. I’m sure that you will love this because this is the natural beauty of nature and something we will hardly be able to see in our naked eyes!