Losing Some Friends Can Be A Blessing In Disguise

By. Ran

We meet a lot of friends. Some we call best friends, some we call friends. And how many of them are truly our friends? How many of them really wish for our happiness?

And who are your true friends?

Your true friends are the ones that know your every secret and are the first people you contact when you want to have a great time.

Unfortunately, life happens and we find it hard to sustain friendships. Especially when we graduate from high school and college as it gets hard to check up on our friends. You gradually lose touch as your friends have taken a different path in life from you.

And the truth is, some people are willing to take time out of their lives while some others are not that bothered. And that is why friendships are hard; it is a two-way thing. If one person is fully on board while the other one just doesn’t care enough, it is bound to fail. And there is no other way around it, it hurts a lot when a friendship fails.

We have to accept the simple fact that there are disappointments when it comes to friends. Inevitably, people will leave you and it will hurt. And if you feel like a certain friendship is hindering your journey, don’t think twice to break it off. Some people are bad for you and there is nothing else to do. We have to accept that our priorities change.

It becomes increasingly difficult to keep friendships alive as we take on more responsibilities. And it is unfortunate that some people don’t realize how hard it is to make time. If they make a big fuss about it and believe that you should meet every week, it is a sign that they have not matured properly.

And this is different from coming up with various excuses like ‘I am busy’ etc. What you can do in such a situation is wait for them to contact you and after some time, as they never contact you, they gradually fade away from your life. And that is the point where you realize that it is pointless trying to keep something dead, alive.

And if you have one true friend, don’t worry about losing a hundred fake ones.