A Forehead Kiss Is Better Than A Thousand Kisses On The Lips – No Lust And Full Of Respect

By. Ran

A kiss is a language in itself. It speaks volumes. Volumes of love, volumes of passion, volumes of desire.

And a lot depends on the context of the kiss. For instance, a kiss on the lips means one thing and a kiss on the cheek means another. And what is the warmest of all the kisses? Have you ever wondered?

A kiss on the forehead.

There’s something about a forehead kiss that makes it stand out above all others. And it is not like a kiss on the lips. While a kiss on the lips connotes desire and lust, a kiss on the forehead is completely different. It is more meaningful, it is more intimate. And above all, it is the closest to the heart. It is indicative of an emotional connection between two individuals.

And that is why a kiss on the forehead is worth than a thousand kisses on the lips. It says ‘I love you for you, not just for your body’. It says ‘I care about your happiness’. It says that you are interested in someone genuinely, that you care for them from the bottom of your heart. It is wholesome, it is warm and it has the power to transform people. It is the physical equivalent of a warm blanket and hot chocolate on a rainy day; it is that warm, that cozy and that close to the heart.

And a forehead kiss is not limited to lovers. In fact, it’s such a versatile, useful gesture that can be used in a whole range of scenarios. When your friend is feeling down when your parents are worried about something, when your siblings are going through a tough time, and the list goes on and on…

It can bring a person right in to reality. It makes them realize that everything is going to be alright, that nothing matters as much as the peace of mind. It helps us realize that we have everything we could ever want, that we can fight any battle.

And that is why a forehead kiss touches not the body but the soul…