Life Is Not Easy For Overthinking People With Sensitive Hearts

By. Anuradha

Overthinking people pay attention to every detail and most people think that it is good to be an over-thinker. Their minds are complex and they are not the type to take easy and quick decisions. However, it is not always good to be an over-thinker. They live in doubt, question even the easiest things and we thought of sharing some facts about the life of a person with an overthinking mind and a sensitive heart.

#1. They care too much about other’s opinions.

These people are very much worried about other people’s opinions. They dress, talk and do everything while being concerned about what others would think of them and no matter how much you tell them not to worry about other people, they won’t listen. They live in self-doubt and their lives are not easy.

#2. They want to be loved.

This is one of the major concerns of their lives. They always want to be loved and appreciated. They need constant reassurance that they are loved and they are terrified of getting their hearts broken. So, you always try to play it safe and you cannot put much blame on them either.

#3. They always search for meaning in every word or action.

They take everything seriously and everything too personal. They tend to search hidden meanings even in most obvious things and get themselves hurt all the time. You have to be cautious about the things you say and do with them because they tend to get hurt even by the slightest things. 

#4. They are too much for some people.

These are the kind of people who spend hours and hours thinking about trifle things. They would rather lock themselves up in a room and think about their miseries rather than going out with friends and some people might not get along with them at all as these behaviors are so hard to tolerate.

#5. They are used to live with regrets.

They are very worried each time when a result of a decision they took turns out bad and therefore, they generally take a long time to decide things. So, even when they get bad results, they learn to live with regrets as they don’t know how to take perfect decisions all the time.

#6. They suffer from insomnia.

These people experience sleep disorders as a result of constant overthinking. They never get satisfied with the decisions they make and they keep on thinking about every little happening. So, most of the time they experience sleep disorders because of this.

#7. They find it hard to live in the present moment.

As over-thinkers who are also emotional, they generally over-analyze their issues and keep thinking about future anxieties and past regrets. So, they never get a moment’s peace and they never get a chance to live in the moment.