Reasons Why Divorce Is Much Better Than An Unhealthy Marriage

By. Ran

Marriage is a wonderful thing. But the moment it becomes unhealthy, all the magic and the wonders go away. And that is why divorce is better than a bad marriage. Still, many people look down on divorce and believe it is a bad thing. But it is a much better choice than remaining stuck in an unhealthy marriage.

Here is why.

#1. You will have the chance to meet your true love.

When you are married, the thought of being with someone else doesn’t come to your mind; or at least it should not. When you are stuck in a marriage with the wrong person. It can actually keep you from meeting the right one. It can keep you from finding the true happiness of life and the soul mate you deserve. So the best thing to do would be to break up, to stop your suffocation. In fact, divorce would be liberating.

#2. You will be able to focus all of your energy on your personal growth.

A bad marriage results in you ignoring your own wellbeing. It makes you ignore your friends, your family, your career and your happiness. The numbing pain of an unhealthy marriage affects your energy and hinders personal growth. Therefore, choosing to continue your journey on your own will benefit not only your mental growth but your social life too. 

#3. You will finally feel free.

In a divorce, you may have lost the partner you thought you would spend the entire life with, but do not forget that you have won so much more. You have put an end to your suffocation and that numbing pain. You won your happiness and your freedom back. Now you have your worth, your freedom, and your happiness.

#4. The children will be happier too.

A toxic marriage is not good for your kid’s health either. We tend to think that we need to stay with them for the sake of our kids. But the truth is, we need to go on our own ways for the sake of our kids. We need to separate for the own goodness of our kids. They will be better off without hearing the two of you fight and shout every night. They will be better with the two of you being happy separately.

#5. You will prioritize your health.

With the divorce, all the drama and confusion fades away and you finally have time to focus on your health. When you’re alone, you can devote your energy to improving both your physical and your mental health. You have time to invest in yourself, and you have the energy to take care of yourself.

#6. You will pay more attention to the way you look.

It is no secret that most of the married people ignore how they look. They just do not care if they look presentable or not.  That is due to the unhealthiness of their relationship. When you get out of such an unhealthy relationship, you can take care of how you look, you can make yourself look nice. In fact, when you divorce, you may not realize it at first, but you will gradually become more aware of the way you look.