Kitten Who Born With Permanently Worried-Looking Eyes

By. Anuradha

Have you ever faced situations where people have questioned you the reason for looking worried even if you don’t intend to look so? In fact, I have come across this incident a lot. Even when I am quite normal, there would be someone asking ‘why are you looking afraid’? or else something like ‘are you going to cry now?’ the only reason I could imagine for this was that my face is giving out the wrong expressions. This is not something funny and if you had ever been in that position you would surely know how that feels!

However, we are talking about giving out wrong expressions because we are going to show you a kitten who is born with eyes that are looking so worried. If you ever look at this cat, you would surely think that the cat is feeling bad about something.

Image Credit & More Info: Instagram

His name is Bum and now people have even begun to call him as ‘worried eyes’. He was bought to the shelter when he was just four weeks old and everyone instantly began to fall in love with him. Speaking to us the San Diego Human society said that,

“He is shy with new people, but once he knows you he is a love bug. He loves morning cuddles and to sleep under the covers! He also LOVES other cats, especially kittens, and has helped raise multiple Foster litters and even spend time with injured ones who are being rehabilitated.”

No one can ever stop loving this little cat not only because of his worried look but also because of his cuteness. He is being friendly with everyone and no matter how sad he looks, the little guy seems cheerful inside.

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