A Beluga Whale Showed Up In A Aquarium Wedding

By. Anuradha

Our wedding day is undoubtful, one of the best days of our lives. Most people love to celebrate their wedding in the best way possible. They want it to be unique, glamorous and enjoyable. So, they try to hold their wedding in different places, wear different costumes and among all these differences, we found a wedding that was unique in its way.

The couple in this wedding (2017) thought of having their wedding at an aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. It was all magical, beautiful and all the beautiful fishes were swimming behind them making it more awe-inspiring. However, the best thing about the wedding happened when the couple was taking their vows. A huge and cute Beluga decided to see what all the commotion was about and upstaged the couple in their best moment.

Image Credit: imgur

The appearance of the Beluga made everyone laugh and we hope it didn’t appear when the minister asked whether anyone has an objection for the marriage!

However, there is no doubt that this would be the ultimate goal and wish of many couples; to get the blessings of a beluga to their wedding as well! The couple of our story was very much over-joyed with this appearance and after this picture was released to the internet it went viral. The picture was captioned as “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Beluga”.

Some of the best things in life happen quite unexpectedly and the appearance of the friendly Beluga also belongs to this category. It seems that Beluga was quite intrigued by what humans are doing and its curiosity finally helped the couple to make their wedding ceremony more memorable.

So, share this among your friends who are planning to have their weddings in the near future and we hope they would be lucky enough to get the blessings of a beluga too!