Every Guy Regrets Losing The Woman Who Tried So Hard For Him

By. Anuradha

Perhaps you might have been blessed to have a perfect woman in your life. She loved you enormously, look after your everything and her presence might have made your life much comfortable and easy. Her texts and calls, reminders for meals might have been a nuisance for you at some point and you would have thought all her trifle worries to be cynical. But now that she is gone, you can look at things in a better way.

Her only fault was that she believed in you endlessly. Even when you disappoint her continuously, she thought that things would be alright after some time. But, finally, after numerous incidents, she got tired. She got tired of being the only one who wanted the relationship to go. So, she decided to go away and it’s only after her departure, you realized her value. You missed her texts, calls and her voice. You wanted to have her badly as before and made everything okay.

But please, don’t go after her again. You are not the person she wants and you will never make her happy. You need someone to look after you and make you feel good. She is too much great for a person like you and she truly deserves someone better. So please, don’t go after her again and confuse her mind. Now she has made up her mind to be away from you and you will only make things hard for her.

You lost the best thing in your life and it’s too late to claim for that one. She is truly a good person and she will find someone who loves her and is willing to look after her. He only thing that you can do now is wishing her the best and hope for her happiness. So, do forget her and try to change your behaviors. If you try you can also find someone and if you do, make sure to treat her well!