Jimmy Fallon Asks Sofia Vergara To Inhale Helium. Everyone’s In Stitches When She Starts Talking

By: Anuradha 

Jimmy Fallon’s TV talk shows are really famous all over the world not only for its content but because of his unique way of presenting. He is a person who is born to entertain people and his skills are really immeasurable. In one of his recent programs, he interviewed the famous actress Sofia Vergara and the show was really amazing, to be honest!

He asks his guest to inhale helium and to have a chat with him. He said that he loves her voice and only needed to hear that in a lighter octave. However, Sofia was such a cool person and she grabbed the balloon saying “When you say you love me for my voice, you mean you laugh at my voice”. She made everyone laugh by asking whether it is legal to inhale helium and when she got an affirmative response, she started to inhale some.

When she began saying her name, it was totally hilarious because it was no longer her voice and it was more like minions!

Fallon seemed to be genuinely thrilled with this as he said: “I’m so happy that this is happening”!

Sofia enjoyed helium breaths than anyone else as she began to say various phrases experimenting on her Minion voice. She said “My English is very good on this thing, no?” and it was just too much fun when she switched to Spanish!

“Hola todos mis amigos Hispanos,” said Vergara saying hi to all of her Hispanic friends before giving a special shoutout to Colombians. “Que vivan los Columbians”!

She seemed to be genuinely satisfied with her helium-infused voice as she kept on talking even without Fallon’s insisting.

So, watch the video below and you will die out of laughter with her funny speaking!