Japanese Company Creates Cat-Shaped Sandals That Looks Adorable

By. Anuradha

There are many people who are ready even to worship the ground where a cat has been. They are that much in love with cats and that does not seem to be a wonder as cats are too adorable and lovely. However, now we are going to tell you something really special and I am so sure that all the cat lovers would be excited by this idea!

A Japanese company has given a twist to the traditional ideas prevailed on the shoe market by incorporating a unique design. As we all know Japanese brands are usually famous in the world for their creativity and uniqueness and recently, we also told you about the wonderful ocean tea bags which gives the illusion as if real creatures are swimming in your teacup.

More info: Nyara Gata

A Japanese company called Nyara Geta has introduced cleverly shaped sandals to the market. 

Image credits: miyaya222

These cat shaped sandals give a twist to the traditional Japanese footwear which is named as Geta which looks like a mixture of clogs and flip-flops.

Even the name of the company has a word twist in that.

The name of the company which is Nyara Geta is actually a combination of three words. Nya can be translated as meow in English, Nara stands for the city where the slippers are made and geta means the traditional Japanese footwear.

All these sandals are made from a very soft material called EVA and they have not used the traditional wooden materials for this. There is no doubt that these sandals will give much comfort to your feet in warm summer days and you would absolutely love the feeling.

Image credits: kirarina_keio_kichijoji

One pair of sandals cost 3,780 yen which is around $35.

Image credits: Naragetaya

 You can buy any pair that you like out of the nine designs available and would look fascinating if you match the sandals with a summer kimono.

So, hurry up and place your order!