This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Coriander (Cilantro) – 28 Funniest Memes

By. Anuradha

We all like different tastes and most of the times, what we prefer can be different from each other. When your best friend like for something sweet you will go for spicy things and that is all about our preferences. However, if there is one thing that many people hate in common it can be none other than coriander! (there can be people who will not agree with this) however, it is not only a few of us who hate coriander. In fact, there is a whole online community of people whose sole purpose of life rely on expressing their distaste for the poor green herb.

This Facebook group named ‘I hate coriander’ basically promote their anti-coriander ideals in their group. Even their logo says ‘Coriander sucks’ and you can easily understand their animosity toward the plant. There are many people who hate its smell, taste and there are people who hate even the sight.

However, the majority of the haters believe it’s the combination of the all three which make them hate the plant. This facebook group is filled with hundreds of memes expressing their hatred to coriander and you will see how much this plant has affected the taste buds of these people.

Besides, the group users also hate the people who are in love with coriander. Once a Facebook user posted a picture of coriander and commented that she ‘loves the stuff’ and immediately the group members branded her as a ‘sicko’ and started talking about how coriander ‘tastes like soap’  and deserve to be ‘extinct’. There are people who also compare coriander to the ‘anxiety’ of life. 

So, scroll down to see some of the hilarious memes of the group and don’t forget to share your favorite among them!

#1. You hate coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#2. Coriander is disgusting. (I Hate Coriande)

#3. When your tacos come out with coriander in them. (I Hate Coriande)

#4. No coriander, please. (I Hate Coriande)

#5. When you hit some coriander that was not mentioned in the menu. (I Hate Coriande)

#6. The relief. (I Hate Coriande)

#7. People who like coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#8. Here is some info about a poisonous supermarket product. (I Hate Coriande)

#9. This is how even your pupil would react. (I Hate Coriande)

#10.  When you accidentally bite some coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#11. Coriander tattoos! (I Hate Coriande)

#12. Coriander is shit. (I Hate Coriande)

#13. I said no coriander, mom. (I Hate Coriande)

#14. People who have been personally victimized by coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#15. No coriander on the taco. (I Hate Coriande)

#16. 4 things everyone hates. (I Hate Coriande)

#17. Coriander sucks. (I Hate Coriande)

#18. You can say no to coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#19. Even coriander given free would be rejected. (I Hate Coriande)

#20. Should coriander be banned? (I Hate Coriande)

#21. Always stand for what you believe. (I Hate Coriande)

#22. Somebody, please remove them from the earth. (I Hate Coriande)

#23. This is how much we love coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#24. No one can ever likes coriander. (I Hate Coriande)

#25. Eww, I stepped in poop. (I Hate Coriande)

#26. This is where coriander should go. (I Hate Coriande)

#27. How you will be judged when you use coriander! (I Hate Coriande)

#28. Coriander tattoos again. (I Hate Coriande)