Food Artist Creates Beautifully Realistic Characters That Are Too Cute To Eat

By. Ran

Culinary creative Sine aka foodbite gives life to fruits and vegetables by turning them into super cute characters. From watermelon lovebirds to banana penguins, these edibles pieces of art bear deliciously cute evidence for Sine’s playful sense of humor and her limitless creativity.

She takes fruits and vegetables from her everyday grocery list and gives them a life like quality using melted chocolate and other confectionary embellishments. She just takes fruits from her fruit bowl and adorns them with cartoon eyes, expressive mouths, and some even have paws!

The mother of three shows that preparing meals can be funny, that it does not have to be a chorus.  And her 200000+ Instagram followers totally agree.

Scroll down to see what her followers are so crazy about!

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Image credit & More info: foodbites

#1. They sure have very expressive eyes!

#2. Banana penguins! Would look great with some frosting to make the illusion of ice, and then they would look exactly like penguins in the Arctic!

#3. Little babies about to go to sleep in their banana peel cots!

#4. Koala bears! Avocado version! If your kid does not like avocado in their regular form, then this is the best thing to try!

#5. If you keep looking at them long enough, believe me, they start to look like they are asking you to buy them ice cream!

#6. This is one scary looking watermelon!

#7. The sea on your dining table!

#8. Don’t they look just too cute to be eaten?

#9. I do not know why but this picture makes me so happy! Maybe it’s the mixing of all the happy colors.

#10. Well, I don’t know about their summer bodies, but they sure look happy!

#11. Froggy froggies! Aren’t they just lovely?

#12. Look at those cute teeth!

#13. Nothing makes me happier than being in love with you my sweetheart!

#14. The cutest family in the entire ocean!

#15. This picture reminds me of Old McDonald and his farm!

#16.  So cute!

#17. Snails with various expressions!

So what do you think about these pictures? Didn’t you just fall in love with them?