14 Situations That Every Tall Person Face

By. Ran

Every group of friends has a tall person.  They are used by the rest of the group for various purposes; sometimes they are used as ladders that reach higher places, sometimes as selfie sticks! Everything aside, there is one thing that the world does not understand. The world has no idea just how difficult life is for tall people. They go through awkward situations every day! And this collection of photos goes out to all the tall people out there! We love you and we appreciate you!

#1. This is why I do not wash my hair every day. Not because I am lazy, but because the shower is too short! (phillebyabit – Imgur.com)

#2. I do this every day. Making breakfast without knowing what I am doing. (mirzaza – Imgur.com)

#3. Taking headless photographs. This is why I hate mirror pictures! (sxs100 – Imgur.com)

#4. They really should make the cars a little bigger. I mean, it is a desriminatio against tall people with long legs! (nfbassman – Imgur.com)

#5. I stay at one place but believe me my vision is limitless. (PortapootyPanda – Imgur.com)

#6. It is either bending down at every door or getting your head smashed every time you go through a door. (afguy50 – Imgur.com)

#7. I am gonna start carrying kneepads in my handbag now. (woemygawd – Imgur.com)

#8. You know, my bus trips are very enjoyable except for one minor detail. It is just that I have to keep my head bent down or tilted till the moment I get down from the bus. (Lina Figura – vk.com)

#9. Commenting on each other’s outfits without leaving the fitting room! Only the luckiest can do this! (woemygawd – Imgur.com)

#10. I need just one finger to operate the mouse. I just do not understand why the mouses are built to be this tiny! (CaptainAde – Imgur.com)

#11. They say new technology makes life a lot easier. I say they give you back pains. And neck pains. And probably finger pains too! (littlebainy – Imgur.com)

#12. We just look down at the lowly peasants from above! LOL! (BigTall81 – reddit.com)

#13. HA HA HA. Do you really think this is funny huh library? You just have no idea how we tall people move forward in life, smiling through tears! (woemygawd – Imgur.com)

#14. I needed a hug. So she climbed up the stool and gave me a one! (woemygawd – Imgur.com)