I Should Have Hugged You Tighter The Last Time I Saw You

By. Ran

How often do you tell the people you genuinely care about, you love them?

With the modern lifestyle comes stuff that we should not be doing. For example, it is the trend not to articulate your emotions as a result, most of us do not tell how much we love someone often enough.

It is true that we are under a lot of pressure. We have busy lives, our schedules are messed up, and we have no time for anything. But you know what, we should not let these things distract us from the things and people we love.

We are so preoccupied with our schedules that we often forget how to take a moment and show gratitude to the ones that are always beside us, the ones who help us handle our own messes. Parents, siblings, partners, friends… they are the ones who are always there for us and they deserve to know how valuable they are and how much we love them. Every time someone makes you smile and takes away your pain, make sure that you tell them how important they are to you, and how valuable they are.

All it takes is a simple gesture and a few words.

A heartwarming hug is enough to make someone’s day and to let them know you care.

And if it precedes the magical three words, it is the most priceless present anyone could ever ask for.

Every relationship is bound to have downfalls, but we should never let them go to sleep worried and crying. Even if you are fighting and not talking to each other, always find a way to let them know that you care about them deeply. Never go to sleep without forgiving them and telling them how much you love them. Forgiveness is what makes us human after all.

So hug them tighter, and let them know you love them.

At the end of the day, the people who touch our hearts and make us smile are the most precious of them all.

So, never miss a chance to say “I love you”, for you may never have that same chance again.