Your Outspoken And Blunt Friends Are Your Truest And Most Real Friends

By. Ran

There are so many people in this world but the sad truth is, most of them are fake. It is only the outspoken and blunt people who aren’t fake. They have no shame and speak their minds bluntly. Sure there is a difference between speaking your mind and being rude. What blunt people do is, they call out on your bullshit. And that is real. I mean, how else would you know your own bullshit?

I have two of the most outspoken best friends and every day I am thankful for their friendship. They sometimes offend us and make us feel embarrassed but I would take a blunt friend who says the truth before a fake friend who tells lies any day.

And here are five reasons why these kind people are true gems and should never be discarded:

#1. They will never try and please you with a lie.

Ask them a question and they will tell you the bitter truth. They will never tell you lies or sugarcoat the truth. Yes, they say it sarcastically or so bluntly it feels like you’ve been hacked at with a blunt knife; but the truth is, even though it may hurt a little, you will always learn the honest opinion as they truly speak their minds. And always keep in mind that whatever they do, they do it with the best intentions.

#2. They’re not afraid to speak their mind.

It does not matter who they are talking to, they always tell the truth. They don’t sugarcoat the truth, they don’t make it sound sweet. They just tell the truth, hard and fast. They hide nothing, and they don’t care about the personality of those who they are speaking to. They believe that calling people out on things or speaking and voicing emotions are important and that’s why they always speak their minds.

#3. They will never backstab you.

They are so real and it is beautiful. Mainly because they don’t have time for fake stuff. Backstabbing, manipulation, and gossiping are things that children do, they consider it a waste of time. If they don’t want to be your friend they tell it to your face. They don’t linger around pretending otherwise.

#4. Being with them is always fun and interesting.

You never have a dull moment with these kind of friends. Spending Time with them is always fun and eventful. With their personality, they always make everything look merrier and fun. Their honesty, loyalty, and pure-heartedness make them a joy to be around and they are really good at fixing your mood.

#5. Their friendship is friendship in its purest form.

Their friendship defines true friendship. It is about never breaking promises and keeping secrets. They take you out of your comfort zone so that you can see life differently, and grow. And they are the ones to show you what you are doing wrong.

And that is why having a blunt friend is truly a blessing.