Hugging My Dogs For Too Long – Male Vs Female

By: Anuradha

Hands up if you don’t love cuddles! Well, I assume that you all would keep your hands down. It is really hard to find anyone who doesn’t love a hug or a kiss. We like to be loved by our loved ones and life get much better when we are surrounded by the ones that we love.

This is not something that we can see only among humans but also among animals. Especially. Dogs love to be cuddled by their humans and if you have a dog, you will know what I am talking about.

However, a recent video went viral on the internet which showed the different behaviors of two husky dogs to cuddles. One was a male and the other was a female and it tuned out that the girl loves cuddles than the boy and it is really funny to watch them react to their owner.

The human owner of these two huskies posted this video along with funny commentary and you would surely love to watch this. Even among us humans, it is a known fact that girls love cuddles the most. They always need their lovers to pet them, pamper them and simply love them in all the ways possible. On the other hand, boys love when they are being cared, admired and loved by their partners and they easily get satisfied even with a lovely smile. Perhaps you might not agree with this, but I am stating what is common among many girls and boys.

So, watch the video below to see how male dog and the female one reacted differently to the cuddles of their owner and if you have these sorts of funny experiences with your own pets, please do share them with us! Have a happy doggy time!!!