What Would Happen If You Replace All Drinks with Water

By: Anuradha

Our Earth is called the blue planet. It is surrounded by oceans and lakes and there is plenty of water around us. But unfortunately, many of us are not in the habit of drinking water as we do not understand its value. We drink ice coffee, sweet drinks, and many other things but not water and this has become the main reason for many health issues nowadays.

Drinking plenty of water will reduce your body weight miraculously and it adds more transparency to your skin. Apart from increasing your metabolism and preventing you from getting diseases, it will also help you to have a healthy body and will reduce the intake of unnecessary fat and minerals. If you drink a glass of water as a habit before going to bed, before taking meals and before taking a bath, there would be so many benefits that you can take and that is why it is important to make drinking water a daily habit.

Followings are a few things that will remind you why it is important to drink water regularly. When you make it a habit, you will never face dehydration and will always feel fresh and energetic. More than anything, clean water is so much value because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or other particles. When you drink a soft drink, it contains so much sugar and other artificial preservatives which are not good for your body at all. It only makes you ill and you are prone to get into diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and other non-contingencies diseases.

So, always make sure to drink plenty of water and scroll down to see some more benefits of drinking water regularly.  

1. You lose weight in a miraculous way!

If you drink only water for 9 days, you lose the same amount of calories as when jogging for 8 km a day.

2. Your energy level would be raised with the speed up of metabolism.

Your metabolism would be increased by 24% by having 12 fl. Oz water in the morning.

3. Your brain works better.

By drinking water, you provide enough fuel for your brain to function better and it will help you to concentrate on your works.

4. You eat less.

When you drink more water, you would not feel hunger often and it would help you to lose weight.

5. Your body excrete toxins faster.

Water washes out harmful substances inside your body and therefore, you would be lot healthy if you drink more water.

6. It lowers the risk of many diseases.

Water helps to combat with many diseases such as hypertension, bladder conditions and even bowel cancer.

7. Your heart works better.

Water regulate the function of your heart. 5 glasses of water a day lowers the risk of heart attack by 41%.

8. Your skin becomes softer and beautiful.

Water can do wonders to your beauty. It clears your skin and you will realise that your skin appears healthier with the increased intake of water.

9. You will save lot of money.

By drinking water regularly, you will have less chance of facing various illnesses and you will be able to save lot of money in many ways.