Guy Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Photos And Makes Them Even Better

By: Anuradha

People do so many weird things when they are in love. When they admire someone they will go to any extent to please them and when they are in love with something that they cannot have, they will try to satisfy their whims by at least having something closer to it. Kirby is a man who deeply admired Kendall and he has created his own story with this famous woman by hilariously inserting himself into Kendall’s photos. The final results are just amazing and we thought of sharing some of those pictures with you. Along with the captions that this guy has provided, it seems pretty hilarious and we hope you all would love this!

“As my older twin sister, Kendall and I share an unbreakable bond. Mom says we’re kinda like Siegfried & Roy but with fewer tiger attacks and even more magic tricks, and to be honest, I really look up to Kendall. She does a lot for the fam, recycles all of her bottles and cans, and even has a gorgeous singing voice (baritone). She also supports all of my failed business and pipe dreams. We’re actually thinking of starting a microwave business where it’s kinda like “Pimp My Ride” but with microwaves instead of cars. Could be a dope TV show…”

“People keep asking me about Photoshop but I literally don’t even know what it is. I asked my friend, Ziti, to explain it to me bc he’s the most computer-y dude I know and it was so overwhelming it made my stomach hurt. But you know what I can explain? Microsoft friggin Paint. First, I open up a fresh new doc. Then, I use the pencil tool to draw a bird or maybe a sword or a giraffe. Sometimes I just doodle. Then I use the paint bucket to fill in different colors. There’s also a Stamp tool but I don’t know what it does. Then I have Kim help me print it out from mom’s printer/scanner combo and give them out to my friends.”

You could say they’re inseparable. I mean, they appear on the red carpet together, they even eat pizza together. And if you didn’t know Kirby is just a Kardashian fan with godlike photo editing skills, you might just believe his lies. Innocent and fun little lies.

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1. Kendall and I had to do science fair projects in 4th grade. Hers was called “How Flowers Bloom” and mine was called “Deadly Killer Bumblebees: When Will They Strike Next?” Kendall got an ‘A’ but I got a ‘D-’ because my data was pretty inconclusive and also made up. Anyways, that’s what this photo is supposed to symbolize. I think it’s art.

2. Whoa! I won the award for “Longest Sleeves” at this Met Jingle Ball thing and this is a real big moment for me. S/O to Reggie at Men’s Wearhouse for hooking it up like always, my Uber driver for her patience, and Janet the caterer who fed me snacks all night bc I couldn’t find my own hands.

3. Every good dog owner knows that 1) dogs love to be petted 2) all dogs go to heaven and 3) the longer the tail, the smarter the dog. Well my dog Andrew has the longest tail I’ve ever seen so he must be one friggin smart af pup!! He also loves biting, running away and hiding under the couch. haha, smdh freakin Andrew! Kendall’s dog is cute too tho.

4. Kendall’s gotten super into murder mystery dinner parties and tonight’s theme is “Dead Ass People.” I’m dressed up as some dead ass little butler and Kendall dressed up as some dead ass business entrepreneur. All the other guests are gonna show up in their dead ass costumes and then we get to solve a murder mystery and have pizza! 

5. Found this coat sitting next to a dumpster behind an Arby’s and yelled “DIBS” so loud that I lost my voice for like 3 whole days haha!! Sometimes fashion is just MEANT to happen… Plus now me and Kendall look like chill AF bears LOL!

6. As most of you know, I shattered all my teeth in a tragic Slip-n-Slide accident last winter. It was on the news. Anyway, I’ve been scared of water ever since… but Kendall helped me get over my fear b/c that’s what family is for 

7. Started a fresh new line of turtlenecks with Mom and Kim called Turtleneck Klub and each turtleneck comes with a gold shield that welcomes you to the Turtleneck Klub! I wanted to give out a free turtle too but apparently, they’d all die in shipping or something idk. Also, we only have 2 sizes lol

8. As you prob know, Kendall and I take Halloween VERY srsly. No LOL. Ghosts and ghouls and pumpkins are serious business. This year, Kendall dressed up as the “ghost of a girl who got 2nd-degree rope burn from her tire swing and died” and I went as “cute giraffe.” Kinda bummed I didn’t win the costume contest but Khloe’s Megatron costume was friggin lit AF.  

9. Sometimes you gotta stall 20 flights at LAX because your squad surprises you with a homemade Slip ‘N Slide haha!! And then sometimes you gotta stall another 30 flights because you’re bleeding on the tarmac and gotta wait for the ambulance to arrive LOL smdh!!

10. SO EMBARRASSING… totally thought Kendall said we were going to “mime camp” but I guess she said “voter registration rally.” Lol All good I had fun anyway tho. Ended up using the art of miming to help 20 youngsters register to vote AND taught them about the three branches of government 🙂

11. Hey does anyone have a WebMD login I could use? I basically swallowed a bucket of sand and am worried it’s gonna form a rock in my stomach. Not the first time this has happened and I honestly just wanna be prepared haha.

12. Kanye said you gotta practice something for 10,000 hours before you master it so I spent the last 10,001 hours practicing shadow puppets. I can make a bird, a ship and a bird sitting on a ship! Does anyone know Nick Cannon? Kinda wanna go on AGT!

13. I have one simple request.. and that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!! Hahaha so evil. So true.

14. Kendall dared me to jump over a human being on my skates and I said NO WAY but she said BELIEVE IN YOURSELF KIRBY and I said OK so I strapped on my skates and guess what… I totally jumped over a human being!!!! Even tho I scraped my entire face on the asphalt and put my friend Taco in an “accidental coma”… I had the time of my freaking life.

15. As you can imagine, Kendall and I were pretty embarrassed when we showed up to Cardi B’s birthday party which apparently WASN’T a costume party smdh. I went as a cat and Kendall went as a ball of yarn… but we played it off by pretending we were going to a costume party AFTER Cardi’s which was def a lie but whatever lol

16. Too $hort gave me this bird and it won’t stop saying the F word hahaha no but seriously does anyone know a bird trainer?

17. Yes, I left the window open and a dozen birds flew in and pooped on LITERALLY EVERYTHING smdh… pretty sure one of them was a freakin penguin tho so at least that’s kinda dope!

18. Had a friggin blast at the YMCA YoYo Camp this summer learning how to YoYo like world champion Zach Gormley! Feeling pretty good about all the progress I’ve made in the last couple of months since I found this YoYo at Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Anniversary Party. Excited to see where I’ll be in 2018!!!

19. Ever since Kendall introduced me to the horse life in elementary school, I immediately changed my dream of becoming a disc jockey to becoming a horse jockey. S/O to elleusa and my dope stylist heatheralli for making my horse dreams come to life on this shoot. ULTRA SPECIAL S/O to the Palm Springs Search & Rescue team that found me after I wandered off and was lost AF in the desert for 16 gd hours lol smdh

20. I don’t usually play with my food cause eating it is already so much fun, but when Kevin James asks you to play pizza catch… you don’t turn that shiz down!!!