Golden Retriever Gives Woodchuck A Ride On His Back And A Goodbye Kiss

By. Supuni

Wally is a friendly golden retriever who made a new friend from a completely different species. He met his new friend when he went for a swim in Massachusetts Lake. Although Wally went for the swim alone, he somehow managed to return back with a hitchhiker.

The hitchhiker was none other than a woodchuck who thought that securing a ride on the dog’s back was a convenient way of getting back to land. Or maybe the woodchuck was feeling rather tired after being in the water for a while and thought the swimming doggo was offering taxi rides. Fortunately Wally’s human, Lauren Russell was able to capture the whole incident on camera.

When Wally was about 100 meters out in the water, the lazy woodchuck climbed onto Wally’s back. Then the woodchuck came back to the shore with the doggo. Lauren was speechless when she saw this. She never in a million years thought that she would witness something like this take place. The surprising fact was that Wally didn’t seem to mind his passenger at all. The doggo didn’t care that the woodchuck was just using him to hitch a ride back to the shore. So even though Wally noticed the woodchuck, he ignored the creature and continued to swim as if there was nothing odd about it.

That is not even the interesting part. When the two friends reached the shore, the woodchuck friend even gave his dog buddy a goodbye kiss to show how thankful he was for the ride, or maybe it was just a method of payment. The two friends touched snouts for a moment and then the woodchuck scurried away. These sorts of acts were normal to Wally because he is a gentle and friendly doggo who loves kids and other animals. “He’s just an angel,” said Lauren.

The video of this unusual encounter soon went viral after the footage was released onto the internet by Lauren. Who would have thought that a swim in the lake would end up in a newfound friendship?

Image/Video Credit & More Info; WCVB Channel 5 Boston/Youtube

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