Lion Climbed Onto Tourist Bus Seeking Cuddles And Attention

By. Thilini

As we have said on multiple occasions, encounters that involve animals are so darn cute! It does not matter whether the encounter is between animals of the same species, animals of different species, or between animals and humans! Whichever parties it involves, it is sure to be adorable.

And this particular encounter is between an animal and a bunch of humans. And the animal involved is not just any animal! It is the king of the jungle, the mighty lion itself!

Well, in this case, it is a little lion! This means that the cuteness is multiplied three times!

Don’t believe us? Well, scroll down and find out yourself!

Here is the story.

One fine day, Filya, a little lion, decided that it needed some attention and pamper time! So, it climbed onto a bus full of people and demanded that they pet him and give her the attention that he so well deserves.

The bus was full of tourists and they were relieved to see that the little lion means no harm. It did not show any sign of aggression as he approached the vehicle. So, he was let on board. And these tourists were lucky indeed. Not even in their farthest thoughts did they think that they would get to interact with a lion. That too, on a bus! What are the chances! The tourists were, as expected, very thrilled to be in the company of the jungle’s mightiest hero.

And guess what the little furball did! Assuming the role of the jungle’s cutest hero, e licked some of the tourists while rubbing his face, which was meant as a sign of affection. Well, as it is clear, he just wanted some love. And he was lucky that the tourists on board the bus were not stingy with love and affection. Not at all!

Here is a video of the incident. You can see the tourists on the bus playing and lovingly petting Filya the little lion.

So, what do you think of this encounter? Would you like to have one yourself?

Image/Video Credit & More Info; CBSDFW/Youtube

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