Dog Saves A Baby Deer From Drowning And Makes A New Friend

By. Supuni

Heroes can even come in the form of a doggo and this Goldendoodle proves us that. Harley the Goldendoodle became a dog superhero after he saved the life of a fawn. This baby deer was drowning in a lake near Harley’s Virginia home. Harley’s owner, Ralph Dorn, is a retired Marine Corps pilot. He somehow managed to capture this incident. The video then went viral after he posted it on Facebook. Ralph was searching for Harley when he noticed the doggo swimming in the lake about 200 feet away from the shore. To Ralph’s amazement, Harley was guiding a baby deer back to shore.

The fawn seemed to be rather lost. Harley was paddling right beside the fawn in order to ensure the safety of the little one. Ralph then went to the scene to help the young deer up a steep ledge and onto the grass.

The fawn seemed to be only a few days old. While this was taking place, Harley decided to sniff and lick the baby deer to show that it was now safe and sound under Harley’s care. It seemed as if the Goldendoodle didn’t want to leave the fawn’s side. The doggo kept on licking and caring for the fawn.

After some time the fawn’s mother arrived looking for her baby. Ralph and Harley then went inside their house giving the mother deer and the fawn the opportunity to reunite.

The very next morning the fawn returned to the house to meet his savior. After hearing the baby deer’s squeals the doggo started to jump from one window to another trying to catch a glimpse of his deer friend. As soon as Ralph opened the door, the doggo rushed outside to greet his newfound friend. The reunion consisted of a bleating session, tail wagging session, nose touching session, and sniffing each other session. After all this excitement ended Harley then returned home calmly. Since he was a pup, Harley had a good heart that allowed him to love and care for children and animals. “He loves them all,” said Ralph. One look at the video footage and you’ll realize how caring and kindhearted this doggo is.

Image/Video Credit & More Info; Ralph Dorn | Viral World/Youtube

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