Friendship Between Elephant and Dog Who Love Playing in the Water

By. Thilini

Bubbles is a rescued orphan elephant and Bella is a labrador. They have a loving friendship that will surely warm your heart!

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And one thing, Bubbles is not your regular elephant. In fact, she loves playing catch with her best friend, who, in case you missed this crucial piece of information, is only about as tall as her knee!

And when Bubbles climbs into the pool of water, Bella doesn’t just stay back. She also finds a way to get the ball by climbing on her elephant friend’s back.

Earlier, Bubbles lived in Africa. However, unfortunately, her parents were killed by tuskers. Now she lives at the Myrtle Beach Safari

Bella leaps off Bubble’s back to catch the ball and then swims away, leaving the elephant to chase after her. They just love playing around like this.

‘They just love to romp around together.’

The animals at the Myrtle Beach Safari are part of a wildlife conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund in Southern California.

When she was taken in, Bubbles weighed around 150kg and was only 3.5 ft tall. And with the love and the care she constantly receives, she now weighs around 4 tons and is over 9ft tall.

At the time, there was a shortage of housing and care in Africa and Bubbles belonged to the few elephants who were flown into America due to this shortage. And what is more, is that Bubbles is not just an elephant! She is something of a celebrity too! In fact, in films such as Ace Venture, Malaika and even appearing in a Janet Jackson music video.

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