Baby Deer Doesn’t Want To Leave The Man Who Saved Her

By. Mahesh

A kind man recently saved an injured deer, after she had been left behind and her rehabilitation was captured in a spectacular video. Darius is an enthusiastic outdoor person, and he resides near nature. One day, when he spotted one of the fawns left behind by her mother stranded because the little fawn had wounded her front foot. His family soon left him alone and Darius chose to take home the fawn because of the predators who prey on deer and an injured deer would be an easy target for them.

In addition to managing to rehabilitate an injured deer left by their family on its own, one nature-loving individual also managed to catch on the camera the complete story of his compassion and healing.

In four weeks since the guy in Yellowstone National Park posted it, a 17-minute video of the seeming rescue and rehabilitation of a little abandoned fawn caught the heart — and eyes of the people.

The video of Darius Sasnauskas, released on YouTube, shows a white-tailed doe and her two young offspring who walked in over the gorgeous and beautiful courtyard during spring. One baby stumbles over and over again, apparently unable to place weight on a foreleg. Then the mother proceeds to lie down in the grass with her other baby.

“I do not support the idea of keeping wild animals as pets, but in this case, I had no other option” was the caption on the video.

The woods can be a dangerous place for a fawn after all. She would be almost unlikely to survive with predators because she had been wounded. So, Darius brought the fawn to his house. Although Darius’ pets couldn’t quite know what to do with her. They welcomed him warmly and surprisingly they were not hostile towards the new member.

The baby deer was healthy again after a lot of hard work, and it was finally the time to free her. The relationship between her and Darius was so deep, and she returned to him continuously.

However, she ultimately reconnected with her family on one wonderful evening. And you can watch the video here.

Image Credit & More Info: Inside Edition/youtube | H/t; thedodo

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