Fall In Love With Yourself Before Fall In Love With Someone Else

By. Anuradha

We all like to love and be loved. The feeling of being appreciated and valued by someone else is truly beautiful and that is why many people think that they need someone else to complete them. However, the truth is that even though life is beautiful when there are others with you, you should also be able to value and appreciate who you are and love yourself more than anything. You will be able to love someone better when you have an idea about yourself and that is why it is important to fall in love with yourself before falling in love with someone else.

Your life must be one where you enjoy every moment with happiness. You need to be independent and not wait for someone else to come and make you happy. When you love yourself, you will know what you want in life and that knowledge will guide you to stay away from toxic people and toxic influences. You will no longer regret the false friends you had and the mistakes you did. Because every failure is a chance to learn and you will be able to use your mistakes as lessons to make your life a better one.

Even after a breakup, you will have the confidence and the strength to look at that more holistically and just because a certain person left you, you won’t collapse. You will try to smile through the pain and will find someone who truly deserves you next time. You will know that your happiness does not lie on the person that you select but rather on the choices you make and therefore, you will try to gift yourself with better choices.

When you love yourself immensely, no one else will have the power to control you and break you down. Because deep down you know you are a good person and you have the strength to face anything. So, let yourself love you in the first place. Then, you will also know how to love someone else and when you find your lucky one, you will be able to make that person feel complete as well!