I Don’t Need You To Complete Me, I Want Someone Who Will Love And Respect Me

By. Anuradha

Despite all the changes and improvements in society, still, some people live with premature ideas. Some people are concerned about gender dynamics and who attribute a conventional role for men and women. Some people still think that a woman cannot live without a man and if you are someone who is having an open mindset, then you would see how hilarious all these assumptions can be!

A woman does not need a man to complete herself. She does not need someone to look after her and to be her guardian. There are more than enough women out there who have been single all their lives and who have done so much great! They have their career, their vehicle and they are capable enough to look after themselves far better than anyone. So, stop thinking that a woman needs a man to be her guardian and to be her provider. A woman needs a man to love and to cherish her. She is looking for someone to share her life with and to be her equal partner.

So, when a woman is looking for a man doesn’t assume that she is coming after money or she is looking for masculine strength. She is looking for one true love in her life. She is looking for someone with whom she can share her secrets and her heart. She wants someone who understands her and who helps her to reach out for her goals. She needs him to help her and she also needs him to seek her help when he is in need.

A relationship is between two souls and these two people should be equal in every term to make it more beautiful and healthy. If he does not understand your needs and wants and if she never realizes what you want from her, then things are not going to be smooth. You have to look for someone not with a pretty face but with a smart and a kind heart.

So, check whether your partner is someone like that. If you guys feel equal and happy in your relationship, then he/she surely is the one for you!