In This Year, Remember To Love People Who Deserves It

By. Anuradha

If you are thinking about New Year’s resolutions, we think we have the best message for you. In this upcoming year, stop giving yourself to the undeserving! You deserve so much better in your life and you need to keep that in your mind!

You can be a sensitive person who has a very good heart. You might be trying to do good for everyone and share happiness among them. But, please keep in mind that everyone does not deserve your kindness and goodness. Just because you don’t want to hurt someone, you should not let that person control you and rob your happiness. Even if that person is your mom, dad, sibling or even if that person is your partner, let go of him/her. You don’t deserve such kind of people in your life and you must be able to reject them and stay away from their unhealthy vibes.

When you feel that some person is having too much control over your life and that you are simply trying to please that one person sacrificing your happiness, there is no proper bond between the both of you. When you are having healthy connections, you will hardly be pressurized by those people and those people will only help you to grow up and be better. So if someone is stopping you from evolving, robbing your happiness and making you feel bad, move away from that person this year.

Your energy should be spent on precious and worthy things and not on people who don’t deserve it. Stop trying to please people who don’t care for you. The truth is that you are not made to please everyone and everyone else is also not made to please you. So, stop worrying over minor inconveniences and wasting your thoughts on people who don’t deserve it.

If you worry too much about what other people think and try to live in a way that pleases them, you will never be happy and your new year will also be a waste. So, understand your true value and give yourself what you deserve.