Dog Raises Stray Kitten As One Of His Own and They Became Best Buddies

By. Neluka

“He’s actually never met another cat, so I think he assumes he’s a dog.”

This is a story of a dog who raised a stray kitten, named Tuukka, and actually didn’t know that he was a cat but, a dog just like him. Tuukka was actually found hanging on the branches of a tree near Austin, in Texas until a family managed to rescue the little kitten and give it a foster home.

Later on, Brady’s owner requested to adopt the little kitten because he looked so adorable. He was about a month old and weighed about a pound. Ever since then, they named the little one Tuukka.

Once Tuukka was brought home, she seemed to be afraid of everyone around her, except for Brady, their pet dog. To help the poor kitty to adapt to his new environment, the Choquettes kept him in his own separate room, fitted with a sliding glass door. But Brady, waited by the door every day until Tuukka liked him.

They became really close as animals and to quote Taryn, the owner, Brady loved small creatures and “He wants everyone and everything to be his best friend.”

With time, Tuukka became more confident and started to grow and adapt to the environment. Her first encounter with Brady was when Tuukka tiptoed and touched his little wet nose against Brady’s large snout. He died it continuously ever since. They became inseparable mates and Brady was more like a mother to the little kitten, thus the kitten was also like a puppy, a species of Brady’s own.

Since Tuukka was so young, he wasn’t actually fully weaned when he got lost, so he started to suckle on Brady, “Choquette said. “It was the cutest thing ever.”

Brady started to treat and teach Tuukka like another dog. He eventually taught him to drink from his own bowl, to go out to the garden, and teach him to eat grass and beg for food, and therefore also very protective over Brady.

Once Brady isn’t at home, she tends to whine just like a dog and when Brady is back, he runs back to glues himself to him. Nevertheless, are they both very mischievous as well.

“Tuukka is very protective of Brady, he growls like a dog, and he actually sounds like a dog – it’s so funny.” In conclusion, they have been so close and they seem to be the happiest when they’re both around each other.

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