Dog Who Has Fluffy Ears Looks Like A Real-Life Mickey Mouse

By. Supuni

Goma is a cute doggo from Tokyo, who looks like Mickey Mouse came to life. She is known as the ‘Mickey Mouse dog’ because of her large and fluffy grey ears. Goma is just seven years old and resembles a real-life cartoon mouse. She is a mix between a Maltese and Papillon and is, therefore, a combination of the best qualities of both breeds. Goma’s adorable ears are fluffy just like a Maltese dog and also point upwards like that of a Papillon pup. The Mickey Mouse-like ears are similar to the height of her head. She even looks a bit like a lovable koala bear. Goma has been able to woo the people of Instagram with her adorable fluffy and round ears. She now has more than 100,000 followers there.

This doggo is an internet celebrity. Goma’s human owner posts pictures and videos of her on her Instagram page and people seem to really enjoy them. The pictures and videos capture Goma going about her day. This doggo is definitely living the good life, traveling everywhere in her stroller and doggy backpack. When she is indoors the doggo plays with her toys or snuggles in her comfy bed. Goma even has an entire collection of cute accessories including bow ties, neckties, bunny ears and harnesses.

#1. Don’t I look adorable in a bow tie?

#2. Hey it’s me the Mickey Mouse dog.

#3. Just a koala bear in a backpack.

#4. Look at these innocent eyes.

#5. Came out to get some air.

#6. Don’t these ears look round and fluffy?

#7. Tried to look like a bunny today.

#8. Cute little Goma going for a walk in her stroller.

#9. Do I look excited enough for the picture?

#10. Just look at that happy face.

#11. Could she be more adorable than this?

#12. Candids be like.

#13. Mickey Mouse with a teddy bear.

#14. Enjoying the outdoors with my tongue out.

#15. Special talents include licking my own nose.

#16. Just wanted to show off my new scarf. Do you like it?

Image Credit & More Info: marupgoma_c

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