A Pair Of Enormous Sea Lions Borrow Someone’s Boat To Rest On It

Sea lions are aquatic mammals related to walruses and seals. These creatures have short coarse fur and greater bulk. As we all know, most animals are adorable at times. But we mustn’t forget that they also have a mischievous side attached to them as well. The two sea lions in our story decided to borrow a boat to go sailing in the sea. It was like a day out for them, especially since they were tired of swimming every single day of their life. “So why don’t we go for a ride on this boat?” they thought. After all who doesn’t like some change in their lives?

Joshua Phillips is the lucky individual who managed to spot this pair and capture them on video. The two mammals were seen off the coast of Washington, enjoying their boat ride. Joshua was riding a neighboring boat right at the exact moment when he spotted the duo.

It seemed as if the sea lions borrowed the boat to rest their flippers after a swim in the sea. Unfortunately, the boat couldn’t handle the huge weight of the large passengers and slowly sunk into the bottom of the sea. Weren’t these two up to no good?

Joshua was shocked and in awe after witnessing the whole incident. Luckily he captured everything on video. The video shows the two sea lions resting on top of the boat as if they owned it. Joshua couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of two sea lions on a boat. If he hadn’t captured this moment, no one would have even believed that this actually happened.

The owner of the boat hasn’t been found yet. Let’s just hope that the boat owner doesn’t have a panic attack after realizing that the boat is missing. This human is going to hate sea lions for the rest of his or her life.

You can watch the video here.

Image Credit & More Info: Joshua Phillips | H/T; boredpanda

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