Gorilla Brings Her Baby To Meet Mom And Newborn On Other Side Of Glass

By. Supuni

Emmelina Austin visited the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston one fine day, not knowing that she would form a beautiful bond with a mother gorilla named Kiki. The gorilla brought her baby over to meet Emmelina and her newborn baby Canyon on the other side of the glass.

When the Austin family was having a look at the gorilla display at the zoo, Kiki came up to the observation glass. The gorilla mother’s reaction was adorable. She carefully observed the human baby and then tried to caress the baby through the glass display.

Kiki then showed the Austin family her own baby, Pablo, the seven-month-old gorilla. The gorilla mother seemed very excited. Kiki was trying to communicate using her hands and Pablo even pushed his face against the glass to get a better look at the human baby.

It was an emotional moment for the Austin family, both Emmelina and her husband Michael had tears in their eyes. Michael was able to capture the beautiful moment on camera and the video of this incident went viral after it was released onto the internet.

This video proves that a mother’s love goes beyond loving their own child. The way Kiki reacts to the human baby with great affection depicts this. The two parties stood on the two sides of the glass savoring this unique encounter for a few minutes. Kiki is definitely a caring gorilla who is attracted to babies.

Although the glass display separated the two mothers physically, they were still able to bond over their love for their babies. When Emmelina held baby Canyon’s tiny hand up against the glass at one point, Kiki tries to grab onto it. The Austin family is never going to forget this amazing experience. Nothing can top the unconditional love a mother has to offer and this video is all the proof you need.

Image Credit & More Info: Michael Austin | H/T; thedodo

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