21 Dog Photos Where Their Teeth Are Visible In A Funny Way

By. Anuradha

Falling in love with a dog can miraculously change your life. When you are a dog lover, you would love not only your pup but also every other doggie that comes your way and you would find yourself spending hours and hours playing with the little mate and cuddling him/her. I still remember the day someone had dumped a very small puppy in front of my home and since that day I was in love with the little one. I know you all would have several stories to share about your puppies and we welcome you all to share those while looking at these funny pictures of some dogs.

When thinking about your dog, what do you remember the most? Its fluffy tail, the way he barks, or the way he smiles? If you have observed your dog’s teeth, you would have seen that they have pearl little teeth. When they are pleased or in love with you, they would gift you with a little smile and that’s when you know that you are going to be in love with the doggy forever!

Image Credit & More Info: Dorky Dog Toofs

#1. Teef :B.

#2. It’s so hot, even the dog is melting.

#3. He attacc, he protecc, but most importantly he smile bacc.

As there are many dog lovers, there are also several subreddits to share pictures of doggies but there is one exclusive site, dedicated to sharing pictures of dogs’ smiling! Yeah, you heard it right. “Toofers” subreddit is dedicated especially to sharing the beautiful smiles of dogs and I am sure that you all would fall in love with this site.

#4. Three and a half month old piranha.

#5. Let me smile.

#6. my only teeth.

As all dog lovers would know, our doggos have 42 teeth, and looking after them also becomes one of the tasks that the owner has to do. You have to make sure that your dog gets a healthy meal and it would also be nice to brush your dog’s teeth. You can use a dog toothpaste for this and you can also gift your pet with some toys that would be good for their teeth. However, make sure to take your pet doggo to a vet once in a while and if you take care of these measures, your dog will end up with the most beautiful smile ever!

#7. Fiberian Hufky

#8. Any time I talk to her or give her the smallest bit of attention she smiles and shows her toofers!

#9. Say ello to mah little teef! Wink wink.

So, scroll down to see some more of these funny pictures, and don’t forget to share your personal stories and pictures of your pet with us!

#10. My friend’s pittie has the most awkwardly adorable smile.

#11. odd toofers.

#12. well,Hello there.

#13. This is gunner and he is very happy we found this sub.

#14. Crowned toofers.

#15. OMG.

#16. By popular demand here’s my lil pup daisy.

#17. . The most important photo you will see all day.

#18. Too Sleepy To Work.

#19. Oakley’s ‘trying to fit in’ smile.

#20. Posted this in another group and was told my boy belongs here too.

#21. New Toyz Toofers.