Artist Portrays Mystical Creatures In Their Vulnerable Form – When They Were Still Babies

By. Ran

When someone says mythical creatures, what usually comes to our mind is, well built fierce looking warriors, right? Well, have you ever thought about them in their vulnerable forms? To be exact, have you ever imagined these mythical features as babies? This is exactly what Hong Kong-based illustrator Rudy Siswanto did. Siswanto imagined the powerful mythical creatures as babies and the results are amazing!

From Medusa to Minotaur and beyond, these illustrations are super dope. Scroll down to find out more!

Image Credit & More info: ArtStation | Instagram

#1. Medusa & Gargoyle.

Siswanto is originally from Indonesia. And he is currently working at Riot Games as a splash artist.

#2. Hippogriff Foal.

This series was developed a bit earlier. “Baby Beastiary is a client project back from when I was working at Caravan Studio,” Siswanto told. “It was for a crowd funding project by Metal Weave Games. They came up with an idea for a baby creatures’ RPG book and I helped them with the visuals.”

#3. Hydra Snakelet.

He was not the only artist working on the project. “I contributed the most on volume 1 and volume 2, and I helped with art direction.”

#4. Simurgh Pup.

The clients came with a brief and it was them who picked the mythical creatures to be featured in the series.

#5. Nightmare.

“Through this project, I’ve learned a lot about not only how to create baby versions of different creatures that are already well known, but I also learned how to really observe [various little animal details], like their gestures, how they move and the proportions [of their bodies],” Siswanto said.

#6. Dragon Turtlette.

Siswanto further added that it has aided him to take his craft a step further and create more believable fantasy creatures that look lifelike.

#7. Medusa Daughter.

The cutest.

#8. Phoenix.

The baby phoenix looks adorable.

#9. Baby Minotaur.

The spirit of the mythical creature is really captured here.

#10. Satyr Foal.


#11. Sea Lion Pup.

Never knew their babies would look like this.

#12. Kraken Paralarvae.


#13. Unicorn Foal.

Wish I had one.

#14. Elder Godspawn.


#15. Owlbear.

Such an adorable baby.

#16. Lizardfolk Whelp.

These eyes!

#17. Centaur.

A baby centaur taking a walk.

#18. Myconid Sporeling.

These illustrations are incredible.

#19. Tatzelwurm Kit.

Two cuties.

#20. Harpy Child.

These illustrations are the cutest things you will see today!

#21. Preyton Hinulus.