Owner Captured Her Cat And Horse That Have Been Best Friends For The Last 7 Years

By. Anuradha

You don’t have to be the same, think the same or behave the same to connect with someone else. Even when it comes to friendships and relationships, we often think that the best relationships are among the people who think and behave alike. There is even a saying that birds of a feather flock together. Yeah, life would indeed be much easier without any complexities when you meet people who are the same as you. But we can also say that life gets much vibrant and full of unexpected scenarios when you meet people who are different from you. So just like any other friendships, best ones are also among friends of different nature and today we are going share a beautiful story of two friends who were completely different from each other.

This unusual friendship is between a horse and a rescued cat. Morris the cat and Champy the horse have been best buddies for seven years. According to Jennifer Boyle, they were friends from the moment they were introduced to each other. When Morris was first brought into the house, Champy insisted on becoming his friend and Morris also fell in love with this big buddy who offered him free rides all over the garden. Their day starts with giving the cat a ride and Boyle says that Morris stays at ‘bus stops’ or rather on the fence waiting for Champy on the bus to take him on a ride. They enjoy being with each other and even though both these friends belong to different animal species, they found comfort in each other proving that best friendships can also arise between different kinds of animals.

So, scroll down to see some pictures of the duo and you can see how much they enjoy being together and playing with each other! Do not forget to share this lovely news about the unusual friendship among horse and cat lovers!

Image Credit & More Info: instagram | facebook

Here is Morris jumping on Champy at a ‘bus stop’.

Isn’t this the best place to relax?

Morris waits for Champy at different places.

Snuggling is a must.

Poor big guy trying to have a nap while the little friend seems not to cooperate.

The best way to start the day.

Sunset horse rides are the best!

Sweater weather.

Halloween celebrations.