Baby Elephant Tries To Hide Behind A Light Pole When He Gets Caught Eating Sugarcane

By. Anuradha

We all have been mischievous in our young days. Remember the time when you got caught red-handed trying to eat some sugar? Or some of the sweets that your mom kept aside for your elder brother? Ha! Those were the days! When we were quite small, we could hardly control ourselves from craving delicious things. But our parents always made it a habit to restrict us from eating more and the funny part was that we always found ways and means to get what we want. Even though you have to admit that getting caught was not so nice as eating things!

When this baby elephant also got caught red-handed trying to eat some sugarcane, he panicked at first! The baby elephant was just having a sugary feast and given that this is an elephant of a young age, you can imagine how much the elephant might have needed to taste this sugary thing. However, farmers soon found out that their sugarcanes were being eaten by an invader and they quickly came to chase the elephant away. But instead of chasing the intruder, they all burst out of laughing seeing what the adorable calf did. The baby elephant was not aware of its size and hide behind a light pole thinking that people would not spot him. Even when the people shined a light on the elephant, it did nothing but stayed calm and quiet and you can imagine how the elephant had no clue of its size!

Image Credit & More Info: facebook

This adorable little thief was found in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are about 2000 wild elephants in the country and they have been both a blessing and a curse for people in many ways. Elephants are one of the reasons behind the huge tourist attraction to the country but on the other hand, the destruction elephants do to the cultivations are also immense. However, all those farmers could not refrain from enjoying the cuteness of this baby elephant and they ended up letting the baby enjoy its sugary feast in calm.

This picture was shared on Facebook on the 16th of November with the caption “Keep calm, Officers will see” and almost many people liked it and shared it.